Microarray Experiments in Shepherd 2010

Shepherd 2010cellular respirationE. coli K-12 (BW25113) vs. isogenic KEIO cydBSlides; Ocimum Biosolution E. coli K12 arraysThe study demonstrates that the loss of cydB causes diminished respiration rates in E. coli K-12, despite the maintenance of a wild-type growth rate in the mutant. The wild type strain exhibited a higher rate of respiration as compared with the cydB strain, and a paired t-test confirmed this observation with 99.99% confidence. Mark Shepherd
1 gene experiments
Exp TypeExp IDExp DataGene nameAlleleComments
Gene1Show experimental datacydBcydBdeletionE. coli cultures were grown to mid-exponential stage (40 Klett) when oxygen levels were declining. A total of 106 genes were up-regulated and 71 were down-regulated.