Microarray Experiments in Dong 2008

Dong 2008rpoSE. coli K-12 MG1655Affymetrix AntisensePublication uses 2-fold change and p-value p<0.05 for significance criteria. This data is also available in GEO accession number GSE9814. Publication notes that 29 genes were identified to be regulated by RpoS in exponential phase when tested by lacZ fusions (Vijayakumar et al. 2004. J Bacteriol. 186:8499-8507); the 17 genes identified in this study correspond to those findings. H.E. Schellhorn
1 gene experiments
Exp TypeExp IDExp DataGene nameAlleleComments
Gene1Show experimental datarpoSdeletionExponentially grown mutant cells were compared to MG1655 (WT); RNA was extracted at OD600=0.3. Cultures were grown in LB at 37C with agitation. Mutant was constructed in MG1655, but not back crossed. Ratios are calculated as WT/mutant.