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Ihssen,2007Experimentsconserved physiological properties E. coli K-12MWG E. coli K12 ArrayThomas Egli
Rahman,2006ExperimentsrpoS(Sigma S); growth phaseE. coli K-12 BW25113Takara IntelliGene CHIP ver 2.0Kazuyuki Shimizu
Shepherd,2010Experimentscellular respirationE. coli K-12 (BW25113) vs. isogenic KEIO cydBSlides; Ocimum Biosolution E. coli K12 arraysThe study demonstrates that the loss of cydB causes diminished respiration rates in E. coli K-12, despite the maintenance of a wild-type growth rate in the mutant. The wild type strain exhibited a higher rate of respiration as compared with the cydB strain, and a paired t-test confirmed this observation with 99.99% confidence. Mark Shepherd
Cao,2010ExperimentsRNA amplificationE. coli K-12 (DH5-alpha)Escherichia coli 31K spotted oligonucleotide array (CapitalBio Corp. (Beijing, China)) Three target preparation methods, including the direct labeling, polyadenylation-involved oligo-dT priming, and random priming amplification (respectively referred to as DL, PAOD, and RPA hereafter) were evaluated through expression profiling of a heat shock model of Escherichia coli.Liang Zhang
Wang,2010ExperimentsCell Physiology; YidC depletionE. coli K-12 (MC1060); JS7131(YidC depleted) vs. JS71 (wild-type) Affymetrix E. coli Genome 2.0 GeneChipsYidC depletion affects membrane protein insertion in E. coli and causes growth defects. Microarray analysis showed that 163 genes were up-regulated and 99 were down-regulated during growth in a yidC depletion strain. Results were verified for a subset of the selected genes using real-time PCR. Ross E. Dalbey
McLean,2010ExperimentsPeroxynitrite toxicity; Oxidative stressE. coli K-12 (MG1655)MWG E. coli K12 ArrayPeroxynitrite was added directly to growing cultures in log phase which triggered an up-regulation of oxidative stress response genes. Transcriptomic analysis of cells treated with hydrogen peroxide alone also revealed up-regulation of oxidative stress response genes but not of many other genes that are up-regulated by peroxynitrite. The authors show that the cellular responses to peroxynitrite and hydrogen peroxide are distinct.Samantha McLean
Bailey,2009ExperimentsTriclosan; Drug resistanceE. coli K-12 (MG1655); Salmonella typhimurium SL1344Slides; Operon Array Ready E. coli 1.0 microarray oligonucleotide set (Qiagen-Operon)Differences in gene expression regarding the core response to triclosan were observed between E. coli K-12 and Salmonella typhimurium when grown in MOPS minimal medial. The cells from each species were exposed to the MIC of triclosan - 0.12 mg/L.Laura J. V. Piddock
Baek,2007ExperimentsPhosphate StarvationE. coli K-12 3110chip; Digital Genomics; GenePlorer TwinChip E. coli-6 KPublication focuses on phosphate starvation in pho knockout mutants at various time points. Authors used a p-value cut off of p<0.05. Experimental data for experiments 5-8 is not entered yet due to current inability to access supplemental data; this problem is currently being resolved.Sang Yup Lee
Li,2003ExperimentsrnpA temperature sensitiveE. coli K-12 A49AffymetrixPublication points out regulation of intergenic regions at 43C compared to 30C for an RNaseP deficient cell; focus is on intergenic regions because these are the areas in which RNaseP functions.Sidney Altman
Salmelin,2002Experimentsexpression profiling E. coli K-12 AB1157 Panorama E. coli Gene Arrays, The protein-coding genes of four E. coli strains were analyzed using whole transcriptomes to understand how and if single gene disruption causes unexpected changes in the gene expression homeostasis. Juhani Vilpo