IS911A' and IS911B' are two truncated, interrupted IS remnants. IS911A' is part of a compound IS cluster in the CP4-6 prophage remnant at 5.8 centisomes which also contains IS30A, IS5A and ISY. IS911B' is part of a compound IS cluster at 97.1 centisomes, which also contains IS600 and IS30D.


E. coli K-12 strain MG1655 contains two instances of partial IS911 sequences that are reconstructed for both pseudogene repair and programmed frameshifting.

IS911 LE RE Ori Comment

IS911A' 270206 270540 (+) interrupts ISY
IS911A' 271762 272190 (+) interrupts ISY
IS911B' 4507125 4507458 (+)
IS911B' 4509007 4509801 (+)