IS5 is a 1195 bp transposable insertion sequence. It contains one open reading frame, insH, involved in transposase function.


IS5 can generate a 4 bp target site duplication, but some insertions have no apparent target site duplication.

The parental MG1655 strain (ATCC 47076; CGSC 6300) contains eleven instances of IS5 insertion. Prior to genome sequencing, MG1655(Seq) (ATCC 700926; CGSC 7740) acquired one new IS5 insertions, IS5U in the oppA promoter region (Freddolino, 2012).

IS5 LE RE Ori Comment

IS5A 273955 275149 (-) interrupts ykfC'
IS5B 574591 575785 (-) interrupts nmpC', target site duplication CTAA
IS5D 687851 689045 (-) target site duplication CTAA
IS5U 1299499 1300693 (+) target site duplication CTAA, in adhE-oppA intergenic region
IS5F 1396044 1397238 (+) target site duplication CTAA
IS5H 2066159 2067353 (-) interrupts yeeH', missing N terminus, target site duplication CTAG
IS5I 2101749 2102943 (-) interrupts wbbL', target site duplication TTAA
IS5K 2288919 2290113 (-) interrupts yejO', target site duplication TTAT
IS5LO 3130146 3131340 (+) interrupts yghO', missing N-terminus; target site duplication TTAA/CTAA
IS5R 3365556 3366750 (-) target site duplication CTAA, interrupts yhcE'
IS5T 3652036 3653230 (-) target site duplication CTAA, interrupts yhiS'
IS5Y' 1427599 1428794 (-) target site duplication CTTG, interrupts lomR', insH25' is classified as a frameshifted pseudogene due to the in-and-out frameshift that changes codons 7-11, but the biggest defect is a mutation of the ATG start codon to ATC, obviating translation initiation

IS5C, E, G, and J are noted as insertion points at positions 654989, 1247435, 1978494, 2174847, respectively, because these are not present in MG1655(Seq) but are present in E. coli K-12 strain W3110.