IS3 is a 1258 bp transposable insertion sequence.
IS3 contains two open reading frames, insE and insF, involved in transposase function.


IS3 can generate a 3 bp target site duplication, but some insertions have no apparent target site duplication.

E. coli K-12 strain MG1655 contains five instances of IS3.

IS3 Left End Right End Ori Length Comments
IS3A' 315229 316483 (+) 1255 IS3A' is missing the first three bases. eaeH' and ykgA' have C-terminal deletions at the insertion point.
IS3B 391709 392966 (-) 1258 interrupts yaiT'
IS3C 566777 568034 (+) 1258 interrupts renD'
IS3D 1095502 1095502 (-) 1258 interrupts ymdE'
IS3E 2170171 2171428 (+) 1258 interrupts gatR'; target site duplication GTC