Keio Collection


Keio Collection


The Keio collection of 3985 E. coli K-12 BW25113 deletion/insertion mutations (Baba, 2006) is being distributed either in its entirety from Japan or as individual strains from the Coli Genetic Stock Center. These strains have individual kan cassette replacements of non-essential genes flanked by FRT sites allowing excision using the FLP recombinase on plasmid pCP20.

The subTopics of this Topic include a series of published results of high throughput phenotypic screens using the Keio collection. This allows the easy retrieval and review of the various Keio mutant phenotypes reported.

We also include as subTopic the Keio strains that have been individually verified and/or characterized in various laboratories who have received the collection.
Additional information about individual mutants in the Keio collection and individual ASKA clones are available by clicking a blue ASKA/KEIO button on the GenePages.