GenePage for the rhsB gene of Escherichia coli K-12

Primary Gene Name: rhsB
EcoGene Accession Number: EG10847
K-12 Gene Accession Number: ECK3466
MG1655 Gene Identifier: b3482
Gene Name Mnemonic: Recombination hotspot
Alternate Gene Symbols: None
Description: Rhs protein with DUF4329 family putative toxin domain; putative neighboring cell growth inhibitor
  # bp Upstream # bp Downstream
MW: 159394.94 ---------1411 aa Pre-Run BlastP UniProt
Pre-Run BlastP NR+Env
Left End: 3619192
Left Intergenic Region

Name: nikR_rhsB

Length: 202 bp gap

Orientation: Codirectional+

Left_end: 3618990

Right_end: 3619191

Centisome: 77.97

Genomic Address
Minute or Centisome (%) = 77.97
Right End: 3623427
Right Intergenic Region

Name: rhsB_yhhH

Length: 29 bp overlap

Orientation: Codirectional+

Left_end: 3623399

Right_end: 3623427

Centisome: 78.06

It has been suggested that all Rhs systems are involved in intercellular growth inhibition, suggesting that the Rhs proteins are secreted from E. coli and that the variable C-terminal domains are toxic to neighboring cells when secreted to the outside of the cell (Koskiniemi, 2013). rhsB is predicted to encode a polymorphic toxin and the downstream gene yhhH is predicted to encode an immunity protein (Zhang, 2012).

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